Strategic Minds Company sells 100% of its shares to Berlin Global Advisors

Berlin Global Advisors (BGA), an independent consultancy firm specialising in international government affairs, geopolitics, and transaction advisory with its headquarters in Berlin, is to acquire Strategic Minds Company (SMC), one of the leading consultancies in Germany for strategy and public affairs in the energy sector.

The shareholders of both companies have approved the acquisition of 100% of the shares in SMC by BGA, effective from 1st of May 2024.

During the integration phase, the Managing Partners of BGA, Ralf Welt and Martin Wiesmann, will assume the management of SMC.

SMC advises leading energy companies in Germany, as well as innovative startups and international energy partnerships. BGA, which advises international companies and investors with a particular focus on Germany, and current and future EU member countries thus expands and deepens its German customer base in an especially attractive business field.

SMC emerged in 2022 from Bingmann Pflüger International, following the involvement of entrepreneur Holger Bingmann in Pflüger International, founded by Friedbert and Sibylle Pflüger in 2020.

Since 2022, the CEO and principal shareholder of SMC has been Dr. Joachim Lang, former Managing Director of the Federation of German Industries (BDI). Dr. Lang had already announced in January 2024 his transition to the role of Managing Director at the German Air Transport Association (BDL).

Dr. Friedbert Pflüger will be closely involved in the integration and development of SMC’s client portfolio into BGA as a Senior Advisor. He will continue to advance his commitment to the Clean Energy Forum, which he founded in 2023, as its Managing Director.

Dr. Holger Bingmann, sole Managing Director of the Munich-based consultancy firm Thinking Arabian, will contribute his experience in Arab-German economic and trade relations as a cooperation partner of BGA.

Sibylle Pflüger, who was responsible for operations at SMC, will become a partner at BGA.

Senior Advisors Dr. Gerhard Hinterhäuser and Karsten Möhring will also remain on board. Gerhard Hinterhäuser is a partner at 70 Multifamily Office based in Hong Kong, a recognised expert on Japan and China, and an experienced senior manager in the region. Karsten Möhring is the chairman of the Foundation for Environment and Development in North Rhine-Westphalia and served as a member of the German Bundestag from 2013 to 2021.

The Managing Partners of BGA, Ralf Welt and Martin Wiesmann, stated:

“We are extraordinarily pleased to have gained such competent and advisory driven partners in SMC. In the nationally and globally important business field of energy transformation, SMC has built unique expertise and extensive network.”

Joachim Lang, Managing Partner at SMC, remarked:

“Integrating SMC into BGA places SMC’s successful business model on a broader and more international basis. Both companies complement each other and will be substantially strengthened by their combination.”

Friedbert Pflüger, Pflüger International, commented:

“With BGA, we have found a strong and complementary partner with whom we can further develop our entrepreneurial ideas. We are very much looking forward to working with Ralf Welt, Martin Wiesmann, and the entire team at BGA.”

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Ralf Welt
Martin Wiesmann
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